Rob Sargsyan is a Los Angeles based make-up artist, who has gained international success, for his signature “rob-glow”. His finely tuned sense of glamour, and uncompromising aesthetic, make him a highly sought after choice for brides, socialites and celebrities alike. With a growing list of regulars including Rachel Roy, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham and Ashley Hinshaw (to name a few), Sargsyan is a luminary in the industry.

Rob’s approach to make-up focuses on complementing the natural beauty of each client, while imparting a flawless, yet, fresh finish. He achieves his signature look through innovative techniques and precise application. Sargsyan’s journey began at the tender age of 7 years old when he traded in his paintbrushes for make-up brushes. Once Rob’s family began to recognize his exceptional talent as an artist, it was no surprise, when the guest bedroom was converted into his private make-up studio.

Rob presently travels extensively, showcasing his creative skills in editorial and runway work, press junkets, red carpet events, commercials and master classes.